A unique blend of precious metal, natural fibres and science to create the ultimate exclusive textiles.

Aulana ® is for your most prestigious projects.

Combining the mystical processes of early chemistry and ground-breaking science to create a boutique range of dye-free colours.

The Aulana ® technology and the Aulana ® Trademark are developed and owned by Noble Bond Limited.
Aulana ® is available exclusively with Laneve wool through Wools of New Zealand Limited for your most prestigious projects.

all that is gold does not glitter

The Midas Rug is the world's 1st carpet created with the Aulana ® technology. Steeped in history Aulana ® uses an ancient science to create colour. Early alchemists added noble metals to glass in order to create the colour in the stained glass windows of gothic cathedrals. Aulana takes this same science and uses gold to shift light into soft purples and greys. No dyes are used, Aulana is simply pure New Zealand Wool coloured with pure gold.

The Midas rug designed for Wools of New Zealand by SoFarSoNear is in the shape of an earring from the British royal jewels to portray the luxury and opulance of Aulana.

Wools of New Zealand Ltd and Noble Bond Ltd, and their global partners, SoFarSoNear, Grentex, and Obeetee have joined hands to create the Midas rug which will be available to view, by appointment only, at SoFarSoNear's London showroom in Grosvenor Place.

Contact SoFarSoNear London: +44 (0)20 7235 7599

To build your own Aulana range of luxury textiles contact Steven Parsons at Wools of New Zealand
+44 (0)1943 603888

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the aulana science

Aulana ® is steeped in history. It uses an ancient science of colouring glass in a new way to colour wool.

The 4th century Lycuyrgus cup uses colloidal gold and silver dispersed in the glass to create the unique effect wherein the cup appears green in reflected light and red in transmitted light. Much later, colloidal gold and silver were used to provide the red and yellow colours in the glass of Gothic Cathedrals. At this time the science was not understood. In 1856 Michael Faraday gave a public lecture with Prince Albert as the honoured guest, where he explained and demonstrated how colloidal particles of gold generated a purple colour in a gel matrix. With the birth of the quantum mechanical era and the development of the understanding of how light interacts with materials, in 1908 Gustav Mie applied Maxwell's electromagnetic theory for light scattering to small spherical gold particles and hence provided a theoretical treatment for the localised surface plasmon resonance absorption of gold colloids, to explain how different colours can be generated. Subsequent research in the last two decades demonstrated how the colours depend on the size and shape of the colloidal gold particles.

Professor Jim Johnston and Dr Kerstin Lucas, Victoria University of Wellington and the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, New Zealand, who are the founders of Noble Bond Ltd, developed the science further and innovatively applied it to wool, thereby creating Aulana ® in a boutique range of colours. No dyes are used.

Aulana ® is simply pure New Zealand wool coloured with pure gold.


Laneve wool is grown by Wools of New Zealand's farmers who are part of the Laneve integrity programme. Each farm is signed and audited to strict rules on land management, animal welfare and transparency.

All Laneve textiles and carpets are fully traceable back to the farmers who grew the wool. Wools of New Zealand take special care of the land, the animals and the people to grow the world's finest wool.

Aulana demands the cleanest, pursest fibre which can deliver rich colour without fault. Laneve offers a level of integrity and quality that cannot be matched by other fibres.

Laneve is only manufactured by approved partner companies that share a passion for quality and sustainability.
Learn more at www.laneve.co.uk

Noble Bond Ltd

Noble Bond Limited was founded by Professor Jim Johnston and Dr Kerstin Lucas (the inventors of Aulana ®) in order to take Aulana ® to the world. Noble Bond is a 100% privately owned New Zealand company based in Wellington, New Zealand. Wools of New Zealand Limited is a cornerstone shareholder in Noble Bond.

Noble Bond is an innovative new technology, product development and licensing company. Through smart thinking and clever science it creates remarkable new technologies and products. Learn more at noblebond.co.nz

Pictured below: Dr. Kerstin Lucas and Professor Jim Johnston holding an Aulana ® scarf.

jim johnston and kerstin lucas